So we have a coal powered power station, sitting over the top of a coal seam and we can’t mine the coal beneath due to climate change? 

Instead we bring substandard coal all the way from Indonesia (where it is mined in very dodgy conditions by all accounts) we stick it on a big ship burning heavy oil, sail it all the way to Auckland, where it is offloaded and then 23 truck and trailers per day, burning many litres of diesel, haul it down to Huntly where it is burnt to produce electricity so we can cook our dinners and charge our EV’s. 

Look I’m just a dumbarse old welder, but I’ve been self-employed since I was 21, set up several businesses, employed a bunch of people over the years, reasonably successful from a financial standpoint, but if I pitched that scheme to a lender for funding, I’d be in a straitjacket before you could say ‘mental health casualty’. 

Quite apart from the absolutely bonkers idea that in some way this farce could be in any way beneficial to the environment. 

No wonder these clowns with the steering wheel don’t want to spend money on mental health provisions – they would and should be, all committed…

—Facebook post